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Voodoo Orginal Love Spell Oils, Natural Voodoo Oshun Goddess Love Spell Oils,
Oshun is the queen of witches, love, and the protector of women.

Oshun is the queen of witches, love, and the protector of women. German Link:

Excerpt from

Die kleine Voodoo Fibel.
(The little voodoo primer.)
ISBN: 978-3-934978-49-2

Explanation of the main orishas
and instructions for simple voodoo magic.
Voodoo stands for black magic among the ignorant population,
Obsession, and wild drum rhythms.
Voodoo means nothing else than God or Spirit.
Religion grew out of fragments of faith
that the slaves from their African homeland
have brought with them to the "new world",
and sharing the Christian faith that went into it.
There are often pictures or statues

of Catholic saints
for African gods with similar properties.
The stronghold of the voodoo religion is in Haiti.
Closely related is also Santeria in Cuba,
and in Brazil Macumba, or Candomblé.
Magic plays a big role
and as everywhere there is good

and bad here too.
Voodoo is not black magic.
It is always up to the user himself

whether he is good,
or has bad things in mind.
It's not just about pricking dolls either.
The doll magic is only a very small part.
Animal sacrifices are also no longer common.
In Europe in particular, fruits are predominantly produced instead
and other foods are sacrificed.
Voodoo is neither dangerous not the work

of the devil.
But it is one of the many magical practices
to actively influence his fate.
More in the Voodoo Primer (E-Book) Link:

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Die kleine Voodoo Fibel ( Druckform) Art.Nr.: 11015

Allgemeine Kurzinformation über Voodoo und Santeria.

Beschreibung der wichtigsten Orishas und Anwendung der Orisha Produkte.

ISBN: 978-3-934978-49-2

Nur in deutsch erhältlich. Link:

Available only in German language.

Disponible uniquement en langue allemande.

Disponibile solo in lingua tedesca.

Oshun ist die Königin der Hexen, der Liebe, und die Beschützerin der Frauen.

Anleitung Orishas Kuba

Willkommen Hexenschwestern

bei Brighid...

Voodoo origin comes from the Yoruba tribe
who were subservient to the Egyptian conqueror Nimrod.
In Benin and Cuba, Voodoo Santeria is the state religion
the orishas are embodiments of natural forces.
In the first place is Obatala,
which according to legend of Olodumare as
Ruler was installed over the earth after this earthly creation process
had completed and eleven orders
similar to the Christian ten commandments.
In this video an original Cuban
Oshun ritual music played,
the drums are played low and high,
to recreate the old Yoruba language which had different meanings in tone ...

Oshun is the queen of witches,
of the love,
and the protector of women.
In Haiti it is called Erzulie
and in Cuba it corresponds to that
National saints
Merciful Virgin of Cobre.
It corresponds to the Germanic
Goddess Freya.
Oshun is female
Day of the week: Saturday
Colors: yellow, gold, orange
Number: 5
Areas: love and romance, wealth,
Pregnancy, witchcraft or wishing magic,
Healing (especially emotional), beauty,
More on the Voodoo Video Page Link:
You are welcome to distribute the video
or embed it in your website.
Thanks also for your Like it (:))
for the very time-consuming video animations.
Be blessed by Brighid
Texts © Anderswelt-Import

Guide rituel Oshun Voodoo, amour de la magie Video
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Oshun guida rituals Voodoo, ama la magia video
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You can find ritual accessories at a dealer
by Anderswelt-Import-eu
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Orishas Oya Dance Cuba

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Voodoo Santeria Oele from Cuba Part 1

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Voodo story PDF info.

The roots of Cuban music are in the cabildos,
and is sung in the Yoruba language.

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Voodoo Video Page

With your own animations.
Texts and voice output mp3 copyright by the
Book author Brighid
BRIGHID Author Page
Brighid Author Ebooks Brighid
Download link: 30468

Yemaya Voodoo Goddess ritual instructions,

love magic bath
welcome witches sisters greetings
Yemaya (female) weekday: Friday and Saturday
Colors: blue, white Numbers: 7
Areas: motherhood, children, wealth, happiness, health,
Fertility and protection
Offerings: sea water, watermelons,
More in the video ....

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